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For additional queries please email

Alternatively you can call our UK office on 0333 577 3221 

The airport in Mallorca is called Palma Airport PMI (sometimes known as Son Sant Joan Airport). This is where you will want to arrange flights and transfers to and from.

The Hotel address is:

Playa de Muro Camp – North Mallorca
Viva Blue Hotel & Spa, Passeig de Bateman, s/n 07408 Playa de Muro, Mallorca (Spain). The hotel phone number is 0034 97189 2505. 

Private Shuttle Bus – These companies offer shared shuttle services to and from Palma airport to popular resorts.  You will need to check exact drop off locations and prices but fares are approximately £15-20 round trip per person plus bike box.  Transfers must be booked online in advance of travel and you must email the company directly to book bike boxes onto transfers.

Car Hire – There are many car hire options on the island, They offer a one way car hire option which is also a good option. There is free parking opposite the hotel.

Private Taxi Company –  These offer very reasonable transfer rates for groups and individuals.  Email them for a quote.

Local Bus service – The bus number you would require is 351 which you would have to get on from the main bus and train station in Palma city centre.  Buses run regularly from the airport to Palma bus station.  There are information points on bus transportation in both the airport and the bus station.

The transfer time is approx. 45 mins but we would allow an hour to 90 mins in case of traffic.

Please note that you will be able to check in to your room from 2pm and we ask that you check out of the hotel at 12am on your day of departure, although bags may be stored until your transfer time when you can return to collect luggage and bikes as applicable.

You must ensure that you have the relevant travel insurance to cover you and your bike for your trip. Be sure to check the details cover you for cycling on roads and swimming, this is normally in the form of public liability insurance.

Be sure that your travel insurance also covers you in case you need to cancel your holiday with us. Should anything happen beyond your control which means you need to cancel your holiday, we will endeavour to fill your place and if we are successful we will give you a full refund minus your non-refundable deposit. However, if we’re unable to fill your place we cannot issue a refund and as such you may need to claim the cost of your holiday through your insurers.

You should also have, if you are a UK resident only, your EHIC (the new E111), which you can get from the post office or online. Please make sure this is in date before travelling.

Please ensure you check in for your plane before the morning you fly, we have had some people check in late and therefore have not been allowed on the plane or found that the seats were double booked!

If flying and bringing your bike, we recommend that you check the weight allowance for your bike bag/box and have booked it on. We have found that some airports are stricter than others with weights.

Please be able to do basic maintenance on your bike such as fixing a puncture and putting a chain back on.  We can guide you on this but is your responsibility to fix any issues.  There is a bike shop close to the hotel if need be but please, if bringing your bike arrive with it in good working order. Always a good idea to have it serviced before you travel.

What is the level of fitness I need to be at?
There is no pre-determined level of fitness at all providing you can ride a bike! We welcome beginners to experienced athletes and provide sessions that suit your fitness and experience levels throughout the week. If you are unsure please contact us directly and we can discuss your needs further.

Are the rides guided or can I do my own thing?
All the Challenge Tri Camp rides are guided and we operate a no drop policy so that no-one gets left behind to find their own way back to the hotel. However, this is your trip so you have the opportunity to either go and do your own thing or take part in the guided ride. We are more than happy to provide maps and explain routes for you to go out and explore. The roads here are made for cycling, in great condition and with plenty of sign posts; it’s hard to get lost!

The guided routes provide a variety of terrains and distances. We know the road network like the back of our hand (well most of them!) so can always throw in a hill if everyone is up for it or take a flat route home.

How many people will be in the group?
We make sure we have a good guide to athlete ratio and aim to have two coaches with each group at all times. Sometimes the groups will splinter into sub groups though.  To ensure it is safe and to allow for different abilities and energy levels, we sometimes split into different groups. So if you fancy an easier day or want to push it you will always have the chance. We normally split groups if they are bigger than 14-16 people.

Do I have to train everyday and what else is there to do?
No not at all, it’s your holiday so do as little or as much as you like. You don’t even have to be training to stay with us. Maybe your wife or husband is a sports widow and wants to come along for the journey. There are lots of other activities to do in the area, some physical and some sightseeing. Majorca is full of culture so whether it be shopping, visiting a museum or sitting by the pool or sea, we can recommend plenty of activities for you to enjoy.

  • The hotel has washing machine facilities for your training clothing, but you will definitely need a few pairs of good padded shorts.
  • If you are hiring a bike, you will need to remember to bring your shoes and pedals, as the hire shops do not provide these as standard – we advise you to bring these in your hand luggage in case your luggage is lost.
  • Bring your helmet – you will not be permitted to ride with us unless you have one with you and it is certified*.
  • Remember to bring some Euros!

At a glance what you’ll need:

  • Cycling jerseys & shorts – several pairs of each, however we do sell kit on camp
  • Helmet – please see note at the bottom of this page regarding the helmet type and safety code the helmet needs to be*
  • Cycling shoes (with pedals if hiring a bike)
  • Cycling gloves and hat
  • Winter jacket
  • Waterproofs – the weather can change in the mountains so pack some base layers as well!
  • Base layers
  • Sunglasses
  • Socks
  • Goggles and swimming trunks/shorts/suit
  • Paddles
  • Fins
  • Finis Tempo Trainer
  • Wetsuit
  • Swim cap
  • Running trainers and clothing
  • Off road trail runners if you have them
  • Casual clothes for when you’re not training!
  • Hoodie or sweatshirt for cooler days and nights
  • Slippers/flip flops/warm socks for tiled floors
  • PJ’s
  • Drinks bottles
  • Nutritional products you’re used to using
  • Inner tubes and spares
  • Pump / Co2 pump
  • Bike in good working order, serviced before arriving (if bringing your own bike)
  • Bike tools and repair tools – the bike garage has certain tools (basic ones are provided on hire bikes)
  • Toiletries (sun tan lotion! & mosquito spray)
  • Rucksack/transition bag to for example carry towel and wetsuit to beach if run there
  • Plug adaptors
  • Electronics – phone/tablet/laptop/kindle and chargers etc
  • Euros for kit, lunch, coffee stops and any laundry requirements
  • Details of your travel insurance & EHIC or GHIC card
  • Passport and travel documents

Top Tip!

Try to avoid packing your cycle helmet, shoes, pedals and kit in with your bike or main suitcase; just in case your bike or main suitcase don’t make it on the same plane as you!  this does happen. Put essentials like bike shoes that are specific to you into your hand luggage as we can get you the other stuff and a bike hired while you wait for yours to arrive and that way wont miss out on any training.

*Helmet Safety:

Bicycle Protection Endorsement – As you are partaking in cycling activities it is our responsibility to inform you that protective headgear can vary from destination to destination and therefore if hiring headgear we cannot guarantee that it will be provided or will be to the same standard as those available in the UK. We strongly advice you to use your own head gear or purchase head gear that is BSEN1078 complaint. This is stated in our Terms and Conditions and from the date the requirement has been issued (September 14th 2016) is our policy to follow – no limitations and exclusions.  All helmets worn must match these safety standards.

Do I need to bring a bike or can I hire one?

If you plan on cycling you have 2 options – you can bring a bike with you or you can hire one.

Hire – If you don’t want the stress and hassle of packing your bike up then there are several local bike shops.  Majorca is a busy cycling island so it’s important to organise this beforehand to get the correct size and bike specification. Average cost is approx €20-30 per day. Bike hire is not included in the price of the trip.  

For use on camp you will need to hire your bike for 6 days, Sunday to Friday.  If arriving early or departing late, you may wish to hire for extra days.  Also remember you must bring your pedals or order pedals at the time of hire.

The number one question we get asked regards if an athlete should bring their own bike or hire one.  Some people will want to bring their own as it is the only bike they ride or are most comfortable on it but a lot of our guests will hire due to it being easier to travel and less hassle packing and building bikes.  It really is personal preference but for a week we think hiring is the best option as it makes not only your travel simpler (and less worrying – we do see some bikes damaged in transit) but also your first and last days with us easier as you don’t have to get bikes built/dismantled. It also makes your airport transfer options a lot easier.

Please make sure that you select the insurance option when booking / hiring a bike to cover the bike whilst we are on our rides.

When booking please consider the following points:

A normal hire period would be 6 days as we will use the bike from Sunday mid morning until the Friday afternoon.  You might be arriving early on the Saturday and want the bike to test it out a day early – in which case you can collect it between 09.00-11.00 and 15.30-18.30 on that day.  If so please make sure you hire it from this day.

Knowing the saddle height of your bike at home and/or the frame size will help you in the booking process.

Please consider the bike insurance policy that is offered with your bike rental – this is a cheap price to pay in case of damage to the hire bike.  Please contact the hire shop for all details on this as it varies bike to bike. 

BOOKING EARLY IS ESSENTIAL – All the hire shops get very busy with rentals so it is important to book early to ensure you get the correct size and frame you want.

Challenge Tri Camp is not part of the bike hire shop and although we will do our best to assist you with any issues the bike contract is between you and the hire shop.


Own bike – If you do bring your own make sure you deflate the tyres, take pedals off and pack it securely. It’s important to add your bike to your travel insurance, just in case! Check with your airline carrier about the weight limit for your bike box/bag (as these do vary). We recommend bringing a ‘road/racing bike’ which is designed to be ridden on the road; however you can bring any bike you like. Touring/hybrids bikes (suitable for road and trial) as well as mountain bikes can be used in the area as there are lots of trails and paths around. 

  • Viva Blue Hotel & Spa, Passeig de Bateman, s/n 07408 Playa de Muro, Mallorca (Spain). The hotel phone number is 0034 97189 2505.

  • Once you arrive please go to reception and check yourself in.  Get settled into your room we’ll get together at the set time according to the schedule so that you can meet all of the Challenge Tri Camp team and your fellow athletes.  

  • If you arrive and have time to get your bike sorted then we recommend you do this so any issues can be resolved as soon as possible.  Please take your bike to the bike garage under the hotel to build it.  If hiring please see specific drop down for bike hire. 
  • At our initial meeting we will do a quick welcome chat and depending on the time a little jog to get your bearings. There is then time to shower and change or sort last minute bike issues out before we all eat together in the restaurant and get to know each other more.
  • After the evening meal we will do a more formal chat and talk over the safety stuff, schedule for the week and options, the whole team will be around to chat and meet at this time and we feel although not compulsory to attend that it is of great benefit. Please bring any unsigned forms or insurance issues to this meeting..
  • Based on what we know about you from our email and booking form correspondences, we’ll have already planned out the week’s schedule (as mentioned above). The schedule is all optional but is what the coaches will follow to ensure the week runs smoothly and caters for all.
  • Flights, transfers, bike hire, personal or bike insurance of any kind and hotel tourism tax are not included in the price of the training camp. The tourism tax is to be paid at the hotel reception (normally on departure but they sometimes discuss this with you on arrival) and can be up to €2.00 per night per person.  This is paid to the receptionist who pass it onto the Mallorcan Council for improvements of the islands infrastructure, beaches and heritage.

Once you arrive, if you want to make the most of your stay with us we also offer a range of additional services such as swim and run 1-1 analysis, strength and conditioning planning, sports massage, other 1-2-1 coaching elements. These on camp sessions get booked up pretty quickly so please let us know if you would like to reserve a specific session. We also offer online coaching options for once you get home. For more information and prices, please get in touch to pre book one of these sessions or just ask us once you arrive.

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