Athletes Thoughts About Camp

Athletes Thoughts About Camp

If you are thinking about doing a triathlon training camp, no matter what ability you are or whether you’re travelling solo or as a couple or group have a read about what a range of our guests told us about why they picked our camps and what their expectations were and what they thought about their experiences on camp.

Claire (Experienced age group athlete, working in the fitness industry, London)

‘I had always wanted to do a camp but the one my club ran seemed to be mostly cycling long distance and didn’t really cater for a sprint triathlete. 

I wasn’t really sure what to expect the first year but I was blown away!  The people on the camp were really friendly and naughty!! I shared a room with a friend of mine and had the most amazing week, despite falling off my bike on the first day!  The coaching was great.

The swim coaching really helped to improve my stroke and the coaches helped me to regain my confidence on the bike.  Despite being a triathlete for 7 years I learnt so much and had such fun that I couldn’t wait to go again the following year.  I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much.

The following year the camp moved to a different location and proved to be even better than the previous year.  The facilities were so much better.  There was a swimming pool on site, the hotel had a spa with an ice bath, the sea was across the road, the bike rides were more interesting the running could be done along the beach and there was even an alleyway to practice transitions! 

Everything a triathlete needs is catered for by the Challenge Tri Camp team, their time and energy helping every athlete on site ensures that everyone finishes the week a better athlete.  From the first camp I participated in three years ago I’ve not looked back!’

Damien & Sarah (Improver leading up to first 70.3 distance, works as a Solicitor, Reading came with husband Damien (cyclist))

As the novice triathlete booked in for my first 70.3 a couple of years ago, an early season tri camp seemed a sensible part of the training, particularly to get in some early season cycling miles.  My local tri club recommended Nick, Brent and Helen.  My husband is a cyclist, not a triathlete, and so liked the idea of joining the longer, faster rides, maybe doing a bit of running but definitely not going in the pool let alone the sea!  And that was absolutely fine.

The week stretched us both and was so well structured and enjoyable we came back for a second time this year with new people and new routes.  My husband still didn’t go in the water but maybe next time … 

When we arrived and went to the welcome meeting I remember seeing the week’s schedule on arrival and wondering how on earth I was going to survive it!  But you do.  In fact you thrive – that’s what you’re there to do.  Being in a group with great coaches motivates you so much and there isn’t pressure, just encouragement and belief.  We made some good friends on that camp and are still in touch with them today.

Mallorca is a great destination for the cyclist – smooth roads, considerate road users and of course great routes through the countryside and up and down some magnificent climbs so my husband was more than happy (and suitably challenged!)        

Imogen Harvey, Improver OR Age Group athlete, works as a PR Manager,London)

When I decided to go on my first Tri Camp in October 2016, it was a last minute decision – I had a week’s holiday left to use and I fancied some autumn sun! It was booked with very little thought but it was such a fantastic experience that I’ve become a serial returner. I keep coming back because it’s a lovely balance between a challenging training week and a holiday: I always feel I’ve had both. 

You can do as much or as little as you want, and it’s all very relaxed and flexible. The coaches are second to none and create such a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, regardless of age, ability or experience – everyone is made to feel welcome and their needs catered for. I’ve come on my own in the past and more recently with friends, and every time have met lots of wonderful new people and had all sorts of interesting chats over breakfast, dinner or out on the bike!

Mallorca is stunning, the roads and scenery are just a dream for cyclists whether it’s the fast flat smooth main roads, the climbs up to beautiful monasteries or the little rural lanes winding through the orange groves, it’s all wonderful and there is something for everyone!  The routes were planned to challenge us all and what was great is I got to see so much of Mallorca. 

Pheonix (Newbie (but a very fast one), works in treasury management, London)

I found out about TriCamp because they were one of my top google search results for triathlon camps in Europe. This combined with a professional website gave me trust in them first time around.

I wasn’t a coached athlete nor did I have a big race calendar, I just wanted a reasonably priced holiday that was more about wellbeing and adventure than the usual holidays someone in their early twenties typically goes on which pass by in a flash and boozy haze. I think more and more people of my age are moving toward this mindset too and I must say these trips are some of the highlights of my year. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect having never been on a training camp. I was a bit apprehensive at first thinking that I would struggle to keep up but actually there was a huge spread of abilities in terms of speed.

I learned a huge amount from the coaches and other athletes, many of whom were racing at age group level. My biggest improvement on camp was in swimming with the technique sessions proving useful. The all you can eat buffet serves great food. The spa is a real gem too, very clean and not too busy.    

I decided to return again in 2019 for a number of reasons and once again had a great time.  These reasons were Majorca is stunning and a playground for keen cyclists like myself.

The coaching staff are as friendly as they come and always do a good job in splitting the groups into appropriate ability levels so everyone can be challenged. The facilities are superb for the price. The other athletes are like minded interesting people so there is the social aspect too.

Sarah, newbie triathlete ( solicitor,London)

By pure chance I came across Challenge Tri Camp online and initially just liked the look and feel of the website, a brief look on facebook heralded great reviews and, armed with my ‘new from Ebay’ bike I thought we’d ‘holiday’ together in Mallorca.

It was competitively priced and I liked the idea of a hotel apartment set up and the facilities looked amazing. Added to which the trainer line up was exceptional and the initial contact by email was fantastic and friendly.

To set the scene I had never ridden a road bike,  or run further than 10km and although I can swim I’ve discovered this is a small part of the Tri day!! 

I had no padded pants………..wore my rucksack to cycle………and couldn’t even change a puncture…..(let alone build the bike post flight!!)


WOW, what a week………

Firstly the whole team were utterly fantastic, from being completely patient when required to incredibly motivational and inspiring.

Above all it was a lot of fun, we were all catered for regardless of experience and there was never an issue of being left behind.

So many varied sessions, the most incredible bike rides (once I’d discovered padded pants and chamois cream), great run off the bikes and ‘hill’ training, fantastic swim sessions with video analysis plus a bit of stretching and core etc thrown in, and a great beach just moments away as well….not that you’ll get a chance to lie on it!

We didn’t stop yet it was so enjoyable, and the most incredible scenery (and tarmac) it was amazing. Plus CAKE, and lots of it……

The hotel and facilities far exceeded my expectations, the bike ‘garage’ is something else (!) plus apartment style hotel rooms, amazing food and topped off with the beauty of Mallorca. Stunning. 10/10, I literally couldn’t fault it.

Lots of lycra but hey, I’m getting used to that. As a novice to this world I can only compare it to skiing, dinner is a group thing, a catch up on the ‘runs’, a giggle and general banter as to the day that’s passed. You can even sneak in a quick beer or gin if you want…..

I expect all groups are great, or maybe I got lucky but you quickly form a tight team, have a lot of fun together, laughs and shared experiences. A lot of triathlon talk, competitive banter but above all a whole lot of fun whilst developing and improving on everything from technique to fitness levels. Every aspect is covered and the attention to detail is remarkable – as an individual travelling to this camp I never once felt on my own. 

I expected to come away with a kick start to the season, but I came away with so much more, techniques learnt, fitness taken to another level, a group of ‘friends’ of whom many of us are in regular contact, an amazing coach in Nick

Who has the ability to take even the fittest hardened Ironman to another level, or the likes of myself from ‘having fun’ to completing a Half Ironman just 4 months later. 

It’s incredible value for money and I am struggling to find a single negative, it’s a bit pricey to get from the airport to the hotel but even then I was put in touch with ‘fellow’ camp mates to be and we shared a ride so that wasn’t a problem – hardly a negative.

If you asked for feedback from everyone in my group I except they’d say the same 10/10…. most I know are considering varying dates for 2020…….

Victoria (Newbie triathlete, working as an accountant in Manchester)

I chose to come on the camp as I  wanted to improve my swimming and other things as well and wanted a holiday that would be active so was the perfect mix. I really liked the fact that most people come alone as none of my friends or family are into sports etc which meant I could come on my own and meet new like minded people.

My experience was much better than expected, I expected to join in with a few of the activities as I was worried as I hadn’t done that much training in a week before. However I managed to keep up with all but one of the sessions and I really enjoyed each one and was challenged in each and every session.

I built up speed and endurance so much in one week as I was training with others and at home I would train alone. Everyone was really nice, the hotel was great and the food was good as well

I liked the variety of each session on the camp, there was lots of cycling and I learned so much whilst on the camp, especially as I was training on my own. I got lots of tips from other athletes and have kept in touch with quite a few. Everyone was really friendly and supportive.

I even learned how to clip in which I was so nervous about before but I got the courage to try and I always cycle clipped in now!

My swimming times have improved and I can swim further front crawl now than I could before I came on camp. I did my first triathlon which I really enjoyed and I also cycled the fasted I had ever ridden on camp!

There really wasn’t anything I disliked on the camp, when I struggled with anything people were there to help and be supportive. It far exceeded my expectations and was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had!

I should also say I was a complete newbie to triathlon and even endurance sports so I was really nervous I wouldn’t be able to keep up or be left behind. Or that people would be annoyed or would laugh at me but it wasn’t like that at all!

Lisa (Experienced triathlete, mum and scientist and living in Holland)

My first time at Challenge Tri Camp was in spring 2018 when I was looking for an opportunity for a week of focused training after taking 4 years off from racing. Mallorca is a beautiful training destination, the roads are fantastic, and there is nothing better than swimming in the early morning in a heated outdoor lap pool.  

The camps are very well organized so you can just focus on the training, there’s also constant feedback and tips and tricks from the coaches along the way.  

As someone who trains on their own, I really appreciate the chance to connect and train with other triathletes.  I have just booked by 4th camp in 3 years, that’s how much I like coming to camp!  

Want to find out more or get yourself booked on a training holiday to help you improve as a triathlete then see our range of camps and dates here or give us a call to discuss your needs and let us help select the right camp for you.

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