Age Grouper to Olympian Challenge

Age Grouper

After the success of our Gustav Iden Challenge on Sunday 31st May we have decided to run one last Challenge for our athletes! We are so excited!!!!

We have enlisted one of our triathlon heroes, the 2008 ITU World Cup Series, 2 x Olympian and the winner of 7 Ironman 70.3 events around the world, Sam Warriner.

Sam now lives and works in Taupo, New Zealand, and is a great friend of Challenge Tri Camp. Now coaching and working with many triathletes, her commitment to the sport continues. Check out our Facebook and social media channels to see Sam introduce and talk about the challenge.

So, our next challenge is the ‘Age Grouper to Olympian Challenge’.

Out of the many winning times that Sam achieved, we have chosen what we think is one of the most iconic. In 2008 Sam won the ITU World Cup series overall. Going into the final round of the ITU World Cup Samantha was in 2nd position, and needed to finish 7th or above in the Mexican finale in Huatulco. Samantha won the final round in a time of 2 hours 14 mins and 2 seconds to take the 2008 ITU World Cup Championship.

Sam’s splits and transitions were as follows:

Swim 1500m 00:20:16

T1 00:00:58

Bike 40km 01:16:05

T2 00:00:22

Run 10km 00:36:21

Total 02:14:02

Can you beat any of Sam’s times……that is the challenge for you!

Brent and Nick have created this challenging event to keep you focussed and motivated whilst we all negotiate the current lockdown restrictions. We want you to enjoy your training and to have an event to look forward to where you monitor your performance and test your race strategies.

 So, just to confirm the rules:

 It’s free, there is no cost to take part.

Planned date is Sunday 5th July 2020 so approx 4 weeks time, (if you cannot make this date then you can do the race a little bit before or after). We had planned to do the event a week earlier but felt that this will give everyone a little more time to prepare and also to get yourself ready for that 1500m swim (remember you may have to book a swim slot at your local open water venue).

So the event consists of the following:

1500m Open Water Swim: at your local open water venue

T1 (not obligatory)

40km Bike: Challenge Tri Camp will provide a structured Training Peaks workout for the bike to reflect the course, this can then be ridden on a turbo or outside

T2 (not obligatory)

10km Run: prepare for a flat 10km

You will need a nutrition plan as you will be racing for over 2 hours and good fuelling will help you complete the event strong. 

You will need to be added to the Challenge Tri Camps Training Peaks account. There is no cost for a basic account see link below to add yourself, (your new TP account will either be deleted or the links removed after the event to make sure no data is stored). The account is needed to allow Brent to add the structured bike session, you will also need to link your Garmin or similar device to upload your data (including transitions if you have recorded them, but don’t worry if not, you may want to travel home before you ride) to Training Peaks after the event so we can check your results, and provide a virtual leader board.

There are two options for athletes to sign up for this challenge:

Option 1

Brent will upload a two week training plan, plus one week taper (total three weeks) for the event to help you get to the challenge in your best form. He will also upload the event sessions and the structured bike workout for Sunday 5th July.

Option 2

You continue with your own training plan and Brent will just upload the event sessions and the structured bike workout for Sunday 5th July.

Please let me know whether you would prefer Option 1 or Option 2 so that Brent can upload the correct plan.

I have added 4 links below if you can click on the TrainingPeaks link first, this will then attach Brent as your coach, and then the Garmin link, this will auto sync all your Garmin data, if you use a Polar or Apple device please checkout links 3 and 4. 





If you already have a TrainingPeaks account and are using an existing coach you can add Brent as a shared coach so he is able to add the race and the sessions for your account without removing your current coach.

You can do this by going onto the web version of Training Peaks, settings, coaches, Add shared coach and then add Brent’s personal email

We would love to see pictures of your event which you can send to us by Facebook, by email or Google Photo’s using the links. They will used on social media to celebrate everyone’s achievements.

Its a fun event, you need to be safe on open roads, this is a personal challenge for yourself you are not racing other athletes directly so be careful. 

So you will need 2 build weeks and one week taper then it will be event day so no major training plan needed but worth planning to get the best for yourself. 

A Virtual race can be used to experiment with new training plans and methods to find out what works best for you on nutrition and hydration before and during the event, taper, supplements, resting and waking time before the event, the event gear and many other very important factors that can make you or break you on your big upcoming race. 

Once you have completed the event, please upload all your data to Training Peaks so that we can create a leaderboard and recognise your achievements! And don’t forget to send us your photos!

We will arrange a ZOOM call with all athletes on the Tuesday after the event so that we can hold the event awards ceremony and talk about how everyone got on. 

Any questions, just ping me an email or a call on 07595 993179.

Happy training everyone.

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