A Magical Experience

A Magical Experience at Swimming

Swimming at night in open water can be a magical and fantastic experience, its normally super quiet and if you pick the correct evening it can be very calming.

There’s something about doing a favourite outdoor sport at night that adds an extra dimension. It seems a bit exotic and surreal but its not its just a great experience, Just love swimming at night in the moon light and riding my mountain biking with a headlamp with friends through the woods and trails which is another great and shared experience.

Swimming is no different. Taking a dip in the dark with a friend or friends in the lake or the sea might be something most people expect teenagers to do, but the darkness, the quiet still air together with lights in and round the area you are swimming all make for an unforgettable experience for swimmers of all ages and experience.

Slipping into the lake or sea on a warm summer evening or a cold autumn night makes you feel truly alive, it’s invigorating and exciting at the same time. Maybe it’s the peacefulness of the experience, if you are swimming from a beach it also feels very different with no one sun bathing like in the daytime, combine this with the hint of apprehension or the risk of discovery and it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

You can watch the stars above and the lights twinkling on the shoreline, and, on a clear night you can also see lots of fish and marine life as you swim by moonlight.

A Magical Experience

Night swimming is amazing, but don’t get so lost in the moment that you forget to use common sense. Here are a few tips to help make the experience a positive one.

Don’t go alone. Chances are, nothing will happen; but don’t take unnecessary risks, plan your route and entry and exit points, its also worth adding a glow stick or LED light to your tow float so you can be seen.

Do be informed. Check the tide schedule and ask about unusual currents if you’re unfamiliar with the area. Pay attention to signs warning of dangers such as jellyfish or riptides.

Don’t go beyond your depth. Swim parallel to the shore if you can. If you’re swimming out and back, measure your pace and make sure you check the distances often using your wearable, that’s a watch to me.

Do make sure there is adequate light. Moonlight can be bright enough, but starlight alone generally isn’t. You don’t want to find yourself in a pitch-black environment if a cloud suddenly covers the moon. Use the lights on the shore line to check your bearings and direction.

If you fancy trying swimming at night, we will be offering this in our training camps in Mallorca in 2021 for those that want to give it a try in safe and friendly environment.

Do you have any night swimming experiences to share, please send it to us and we will publish it with your approval.

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